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Matian Law Group

An Exclusive Workers' Compensation Defense Law Firm

We take care of your claims, so you can take care of your employees.

Your Issue is Our Expertise 

We are your one-stop shop for legal representation and education.

Our workers’ compensation practice is not just different, it’s catered to you. Our commitment to this mission means all your calls and questions are answered promptly. Each and every file is litigated and settled based on your respective goals and needs.

· Clear and identifiable action plans.

· Responding on your time.

· Utilizing technology to ensure we are effective and efficient.

W provide you with all the necessary information, empowering you to make the right choices and drive the case to closure.

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Workers' Compensation Defense

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Meet Your Team 

Matian Law Group is not your traditional law firm. We are a women-owned firm and believe in diversity and inclusion. Comprised of exceptional lawyers and staff, we all have unique and different backgrounds, experiences, personalities and ideas to guide the firm to success and address our clients’ needs. Our diverse entrepreneurial spirit is why we have and will continue to grow and exceed expectations. 

Negar Matian, Esq.

Founder and Owner

Preeti G. Shah has been practicing law for over 35 years. Ms. Shah specializes in representing homeowner policy cases. Ms. Shah has also represented several public entities and  school districts.

Preeti G. Shah earned her Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in 1979 from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Bombay, India. She received her Bachelor’s of Law degree from the Government Law College in Bombay, India in 1983. She completed her bar admissions for California in 1989.

Ms. Shah utilizes her expertise in a variety of seminars. She has presented the topic of determining if a case belongs in the civil arena or if it should be presented before the Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). Ms. Shah has also collaborated with civil attorneys on overlapping civil and workers’ compensation matters.


Preeti Shah, Esq.

Of Counsel

Ms. Sandy Kreik started her career in operating a full scale psychiatric medical business in Los Angeles. Here at MLG she ensures every employee is taken care of so the Team can focus on your files. She manages all issues at the firm from HR to billing. Her multitasking abilities are second to none. 

Sandy Kreik

Operations Manager


Ms. Guiltano is a Legal Assistant with more than 20 years of Workers’ Compensation defense experience from  the largest defense firms in the state and  has worked for many SuperLawyers©  and appellate attorneys. At Matian Law Group, she focuses on her expertise, ensuring each attorney has everything they need to close and expedite file settlement.


Mr. Koo is a young legal professional with a passion for the law. After seeing firsthand how bad actors can level companies and destabilize lives, he is committed to transparency, responsibility, and accountability across all levels of his career. He is seeking to attend law school next fall and enjoys music and rock climbing in his free time.


Negar Matian is the founder of Matian Law Group.

Having practiced for over 20 years, Ms. Matian not only has a background of litigating high exposure and catastrophic injuries but also 132a filings, S&W allegations, OSHA violations, as wells a FEHA and ADA issues that overlap with the case in chief. She has litigated hundreds of trials and managed thousands of cases.

Ms. Matian graduated with a degree in Communications and minor in Biology from the University of California, Davis with highest honors in under three years. She earned her J.D. from University California Davis School of Law and in her last year transferred to University of Los Angeles Law School. Most recently she completed the prestigious Oxford Programme on Negotiation.  She interned for the 9th Circuit Appellate Court during law school and the public defender's office.

She currently resides in Southern California with four kids and 6 animals and is an avid animal lover. In her free time, she plays tennis with a strong desire to be a 4.5 player.

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Steven Green, Esq.


Steven Green’s prominent and longstanding career began in 1985, in civil litigation. In 1990, Mr. Green began to focus on insurance defense, including doctor’s depositions, catastrophic injury depositions, and fraud litigation.

Mr. Green concentrates on worker’s compensation defense on behalf of the employer, the insurance carrier, and CIGA, through appeal and also provides services for acute and willful misconduct claims. He also handles cases regarding employee discrimination for filing or planning to file a claim. 

Steven M. Green earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago in 1982. He went on to earn his law degree from the University of Oregon in 1985. 


Linda Moritz

Managment Director

Ms. Moritz is the Management Executive and Hearing Representative at Matian Law Group providing management of attorneys and clients as well as all aspects of firm supervision. She ultimately provides oversight for Ms. Matian to guarantee that all clients are receiving exceptional service and responsiveness.

Ms. Schmidt has been a part of MLG since 2017.  She was born and raised in Los Angeles. She oversees document production, subpoenas and and records. She also in charge of the mail room. In her spare time she manages a family and adorable 7 year old. 

Ashley Schmidt

Legal Assistant

Martha Garay

Legal Assistant

Ms. Garay began working at MLG as a driven, albeit  21-year-old. Once a young barista and full-time student she now manages the billing team and and is the direct assistant to Ms, Matian. She also ensures her files are up to date, all communications are responded to and no question goes unanswered


Delilah Cornejo

Initial File Coordinator

Ms. Cornejo is the Initial File Review Coordinator at Matian Law Group. She reviews subpoenas, prepares record reviews/general letters, and processes mail, among other secretarial duties. As she grew with the firm, she was promoted in 2018, and began preparing the initial claim review letters for our new file referrals.


Alex Gomez

Legal Assistant

Ms. Gomez began working in Workers’ Compensation in 2018 as a file clerk, continued into billing, and now she personally assists Ms. Matian with a variety of tasks. Through fostering strong working relationships with her coworkers and clients, she seeks to continue working towards both the firm's and clients' success.

Tess Guiltano

Legal Assistant

Christopher Koo

Legal Assistant


Ryan Yoo

Legal Assistant

Mr. Yoo manages all legal research at Matian Law Group. He aids the attorneys in trial preparation and trial advocacy. Currently, he aspires to be an attorney and plans to attend law school. When he is not at work, he can be found following the Green Bay Packers, reading, and partaking in outdoor activities.


Stephanie Lemus

Lien Unit Director

Ms. Lemus has been with MLG for 6 years and worked in Immigration law, family law, and an Applicant Attorney Worker’s Compensation firm prior to joining MLG. She leads the Lien Unit reviewing invoices at fee schedule, negotiating bills and litigating balances. 

News and Events

News and Events
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The WCR Conference

November 8th - November 10th

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad, CA 92009, USA

The WCR is an annual convention with the most prestigious names in workers' compensation, with panels and discussions on some of the forefront issues of the field.

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Contact Us


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